Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Harrison is playing soccer this year for the first time ever.  However due to the weather he has only gotten to play one game and it was during the week so I haven't gotten to see him play yet.  Kylie sent a few pics from his first game.

Dressed and ready for game time!!

Pre-game snack with his biggest fan, Hadley sporting her soccer leg warmers!

Game time!

So cute!!!!  I can't wait to see him play!!!  
Go Harrison!!!

St. Patrick's Day

My handsome/beautiful, sweet, little leprechauns!!

Mr. Handsome!

Love baby girl's precious curls!!

And finally a beautiful day to get to play outside!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 6, 2015


Look who has joined the Johnson family.  
Britni said she always hoped she would have a little rabbit in her Easter basket growing up.  
Who knew??  

Thumper is such a sweet little guy.  Pretty calm and chill!!  

He got to be the star in some Easter photos.  So cute!  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day #2

What?!?!  I can't believe we actually got 2 snow days!!!  Wow!!
It has been fun.  There is just something about snow!!

We didn't get as much snow the second time around but it was just as beautiful!!

Austin and Chandler chunking snowballs!

The 2nd snow day I finally got them to build a snowman!  :) 
Britni and Rainey rolled up the sections for the snowman.  Then we added the hat and scarf and Chandler helped with the eyes, nose and mouth.  

Once we were done with taking pictures, Chandler wanted to tackle the snowman!!!  

We had another fun day out of school!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baseball/Softball Tryouts

It's that time again!  Baseball season.  I'm so excited about having some grandkids that will be playing this year.  On tryout day, I decided to get out and try to help Chandler and Rainey with a few skills.  It was misty, rainy but we practiced anyway.  

My little softball player, Rainey

My little baseball player, Chandler

And our little gopher, Kinsler

While I was pitching to Chandler, he hit a line drive straight at me and I couldn't get my glove up in time so I stuck out my right hand to stop the ball and it hit me so hard on the edge of my palm close to my wrist,  I thought it was broken!!!  Shortly afterwards Austin arrived home so I let him take over pitching duties!!!  My eligibility may be up!!!

Can't wait to watch these 2 during the season!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day!!!

We were so excited when we got the call.  No school!!  Snow Day!!!
Actually we were out of school on Tuesday because of ice and went in late to school on Wednesday.  Then we were out again on Thursday with lots of snow!!!

It was so beautiful and the kids and so much fun playing 
and they were not ready to come in at all!!

Snow angels

Snowball fights!! 

 In spite of the snow ALL around, this little guy wanted to splash in the water puddles!!

Eating snow and stopping for pictures. 

Snowball fights with Grandad

Basketball in the snow!!

Now for some snow ice cream!!!

Snow recliner designed and built by Chandler. :)

Later, Kylie and Steven got snow.  Cute, cute kids!!!


Snow much fun!!!!